Marber Theme

Marber is a simple, minimalistic theme inspired by Romek Marber’s grid based layouts designed for Penguin in the 1960’s.


Au Revoir

Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords

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My proposal for a new cover approach for the Penguin Crime series

The image on Marber’s covers occupies just over two-thirds of the space, while the title section at the top is divided into three bands carrying colophon/series name/price, the title and the author’s name, with the type ranged left. 

This arrangement, known as the Marber grid, gives the books a distinctive visual unity.

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Overheard on the way to the mall.


Looking for an intern

The time has come!

We are officially looking for a part-time Community Intern to help with Meetups, Events, and Press.You should love: People, Tumblr, email, the post office, and getting paidto do amazing things with awesome people.

We totally love: All of the same stuff, minus the post office (but even that is kind of hilarious if you’re in the right mood).If you live near NYC and are interested in hearing more, please

Thank you!


What a great holiday.